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Welcome to award winning Great Dane Tours 2021. We offer exclusively Private Group Tours. When you book with us, there will only be you and your group on the tour. Our vans and coaches are all new luxury vehicles. Join our fantastic Copenhagen Tours, Malmö/Sweden Tours, Family Tours, VIP Tours, Hamlet Tours, Castle Tours, Customized B2B Tours and Transfers. Our well educated, licensed and friendly English speaking guides & drivers will take you to all the highlights. Discover more than 1100 years of Danish history. Meet The Little Mermaid. Hear about the ancient Knights. Sail The Canals. Discover The Vikings. Visit The Castles of our Royals. See The Latin Quarter, enjoy the Waterfront, Tivoli & Nyhavn. Dine at The Streetfood area and much more. Copenhagen has been voted “Best city to visit ” by Lonely Planet.

Copenhagen or North Sealand in Denmark. Across “The Bridge” to Malmö & Lund in Sweden. No matter where you want to go, our goal is to give you, your family and friends the best possible service and experience during your stay in wonderful Copenhagen. You won´t be disappointed. We operate with new aircon DeLuxe SUVs & Mercedes Mini Coaches. All our tours include private drivers, private knowledgeable guides, all taxes, full insurance, pick up/drop off at your hotel or cruise ship in inner city plus all admissions. Below, you can read more about our various Private Closed Group-Tours. It is also possible to mix or combine tours. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for your special whishes or any customized tour. Welcome to Great Dane Tours In Copenhagen 2021.

 “Sweden-Malmo-Lund Tour”

 Private Closed Group Tour

This popular Sweden Tour will take you to two different countries in just one day. You will be picked up and droped off at your hotel or cruise ship. We will then cross the amazing bridge to the Swedish cities of Malmoe and Lund

Do not miss out on this “Must See” guided tour crossing the ocean on the spectacular Bridge” connecting Denmark and Sweden. First stop is the City of Malmoe: Watch the Turning Torsoe and the new harbour area. Then on to The Old City of Malmoe for a short lunch stop (Lunch not included.) Next stop is the City of Lund  25 min. from Malmoe. Visit the Cathedral from year 1100 and walk the old copple stone streets in this historic city.

Tours includes:  5 hours. Private Van, Private driver/guide. Pick up, drop off at hotel in inner city of Copenhagen or from cruise ship. All taxes, all admissions, full bridge fee and parking. Private guide throughout the entire tour.

Private Closed Group Tour From € 162 / $ 177 pp when 6 persons

“Kings & Vikings Tour”
City of Roskilde 2021

 Private Closed Group Tour

An amazing trip to the world famous and stunning Roskilde Cathedral with 39 buried royals, The Vikingship-Museum with the ancient ships, The Workshops, The Viking Harbour and the dramatic history of the 1000 yrs old Vikings. 

Join us on this private 6 hours tour exploring: Viking City of Roskilde: Former Capital of Denmark. The Fjord. The Viking Ship Museum. The Viking Ship Harbour and the workshops. Watch and board the Viking ships, discover how all ships are handmade based on 1000 yrs of knowledge. Visit The City Square for lunch and explore The mind blowing, world famous Roskilde Cathedral from 1175 with amazing ancient tombs of 39 Kings and Queens, The Horse from Hell and much more (World Heritage Site). You will have your own skilled private guide with you at all times. Also inside the sights and on the drive to Roskilde.  Tour includes: Private Mini Van, Class A service, Pick up/drop off at hotel or ship. Bottled water, all admissions, all taxes.

Private Closed Group Tours From € 157 pp when 8 persons

 “Royals & Castles Hamlet Tour”

Private Closed Group Tour

Experience the world famous old Royal Castles in the cities of  Hilleroed, Fredensborg and Elsinore. More than 1.100 years of thrilling and dramatic adventures. We drive along the stunning coastline and through country site. 

Do not miss out on this “must see” guided tour to the spectacular ancient Royal Castles in the cities of  Northern Sealand.  City of Elsinore: The old Shipyard and harbour area, The Kronborg  Shakespeare ”Hamlet” Castle from 1420/1574. Then on to City of Fredensborg: The Royal residence Castle from 1720 (only from outside) City of Hilleroed: Frederiksborg Renaissance Castle from 1599, The beuatiful Ocean drive and 11 villages + The Swedish coastline. Lunch at the Ship Yard (not included). Your guide will be with you inside the Castles and at the sights at all times. No one will be left on their own.Every day all year at 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Tour includes:  Class A service, Pick up/drop off at hotel or ship. Bottled water, All admissions, All taxes.

Private Closed Group Tours From € 157 pp when 8 persons

“Denmark-Sweden-Hamlet Tour”
Malmo,Lund,Helsingborg + more

Private Closed Group Tour

Denmark / Sweden Tour: 2 countries, 3 Swedish, 2 Danish cities, 11 villages + Hamlet Castle inside Tour. All in just one day. Cross The Bridge to Sweden, discover the Cities of Malmoe, Lund & Helsingborg before sailing back to Denmark.

The Grand Sweden & Denmark Tour – De luxe Combi Tour crossing the ocean on the spectacular “The Bridge”connecting Denmark and Sweden. City of Malmoe: Turning Torsoe and harbour area. Old City. City of Lund  The Cathedral from year 1100. City of Helsingborg:  Old Square and Fortress. Ferry boat back to City of Helsingør in Denmark. Then, an amazing inside guided Tour of The Kronborg Hamlet Castle from 1574. Drive back on the coastline thru´11 Danish villages and much more. Tour includes:  8 hours. Private Mercedes Limo Van, Private driver/guide. Pick up, drop off at hotel in inner city of Copenhagen or from cruise ship. Taxes, all admissions, full bridge & ferry fees. Private guide through out the entire tour.

Private Group Tour From € 220 / $ 242 pp when 6 persons

“Best Of Copenhagen Tour”
All Highlights 2021

Private Closed Group Tour

This amazing 4 hour tour takes you to all the highlights of wonderful Copenhagen.  See it all in a comfortable way in half a day. Join our lux coach or private cars with private driver and guide. Discover Copenhagen the very best way. 

The Best Of Copenhagen Tour: The City Hall, Tivoli Gardens (outside), Old Beach, Christiansborg Palace (The Parliament), Latin Quarter, The Stock Exchange from 1619, New Habour, The Royal Castle, Amalienborg. Christiania (optional). Kings New Square, The Gefion Fountain, Langelinie Pier, The Actors House, The Operah House. Rosenborg Castle (outside), Round Tower. The Little Mermaid, Royal Library Gardens, Absalon on High Bridge Square, Old Prisons of Copenhagen. The Waterfront and more. Sail the Canals on the famous Boating tour (optional), or see the Crown Jewels inside Rosenborg Castle (optional). Tour includes:  Class A service, Pick up/drop off at hotel or ship. Bottled water, All admissions, All taxes.

Private Group Tours From € 100 / $ 115 per person when 8 persons

“Copenhagen Walk & Boat Tour”

Private Closed Group Tour
Private Guide + Boat tour

Copenhagen Private Walking Tour / Boating Tour with your own private guide. 3 hours tour in total covering must see highlights of wonderful Copenhagen + an amazing Boating Tour. This is a closed group tour with only you and your group.

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel in inner city of Copenhagen. Stroll through the Walking Street area and the ancient copple stone streets. Discover The Canals, The Old Square and New Square, Christiansborg Palace, The Parliament, The Royal Library Gardens, City Hall,  Statue of Absalon, The Stock Exchange from 1619, Round Tower, Waterfront and Nyhavn. On the 3rd. hour, your guide will lead you to The Canal Tour Boats, where you will enjoy a 1 hour guided boat tour in the Canals of Copenhagen. Tours includes: 3 hours ( 2 hrs. walking, 1 hour boating) Private guide. Pick up at hotel in inner city of Copenhagen. Private guide through out the entire tour, admissions to canal tour. Tour ends at the Canal Boating Tour in Nyhavn.

Private Group Tour From € 36 / $ 40 pp when 10 persons


Sweden Malmo Lund Tour - 5 Hrs.


Closed Group Tour to Sweden €162

By lux Mini van or lux Coach. Private driver/guide.

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Kings & Vikings Tour - 6 hrs.


Private Tours from € 157 pp when 8 persons

By Luxury Coach or Lux SUV. Private guide & all admissions.

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Royals & Castles Tour - 6 hrs.


Private Tours from € 157 pp when 8 persons

By Luxury Coach or Lux SUV. Private guide & all admissions.

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Best Of Copenhagen Tour - 4 Hrs.


Private Groups FROM € 100 pp when 8 persons

By Mercedes Van. Private guide, All Taxes.

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Copenhagen Walking & Boating Tour - 3 Hrs.


Private Groups FROM € 36 pp when 10 persons

Private Tour in closed Group

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Sweden & Denmark Grand Tour - 8 Hrs.


Private Groups FROM € 220 pp when 6 persons

Mercedes Van. Private guide. All admissions

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